IPad and IPhone Instructions

For the members who have IPads or IPhones and want to access the recorded sermons on the Riverview/Virgil web page, you will need to install an app for this. The one I used is VLC. This is a free app and works on the IPhone as well as the IPad.

Go to the ITunes store and do a search for the following app: VLC (for your operating system). Most IPhones and IPads use the IOS operating system, so search for VLC for IOS (Macs use a different operating system). Download and install the app.


After VLC is installed, go the church web site: www.riverview-virgilumc.org. Click on the recorded sermons link in the menu. When the recorded sermons page opens up, click on download file link for the sermon you want to listen to. When the download is complete, you should get a window that shows the file and has a link that says “Open in VLC”. Click on this link. A window will open showing the file(s) you have downloaded . Click on the file you want to listen to and it will start playing.


I am sure that there are other player apps that work as well as or better, but VLC is free and it does work.